Roma to Annecy

day 20 – jour vingt (now we’re in French!) Well today was interesting. We got up the usual time (6:45), even though we didn’t need to be anywhere until a bit before 11. We got most of the way packed up and went to breakfast. I guess a few people from our group left pretty… Continue Reading →


day 21 – jour vingt-et-un Today was our day of rest… sort of. We still woke up pretty early and had coffee provided by the host. No creamer or milk though so I made due by adding cocoa powder and sugar. Goal #1: figure out how to connect to WiFi at the flat. Goal #2:… Continue Reading →

Annecy to Paris

day 22 – jour vingt-deux Keeping up the two-night-and-move rhythm, we again packed our bags this morning and got ready for our move to Paris. Throughout the tour, we were moving N to S, but now we’ve rewound and are going even further north, and I can feel it. The mornings are colder and darker,… Continue Reading →


day 23 – jour vingt-trois Au mon dieu. My energy seems to be more and more zapped at the end of the day. Doesn’t help that I’m feeling congested and there’s so much sensory overload. Gotta say it like it is, I’m not a city gal. Today was our walking day. We walked from our… Continue Reading →

Paris, take 2

day 24 – jour vingt-quatre Today was a much better day, probably because we actually ate food. Plus we’re starting to get more comfortable getting around the city. Due to our indecision early on in the planning processs for this trip, today we had to move to a different Airbnb. Still in the Marais district… Continue Reading →

Paris, take 3

day 25 – jour vingt-cinq This morning we actually stayed in bed till after 8! India has been very helpful with making plans and pointed out a few different places to get some breakfast. We still didn’t have a concrete plan of what we were doing for the day so we did a lot more… Continue Reading →

Paris, take 4

day 26 – jour vingt-six I can’t believe we’ve only got one more day in Paris (sort of) and then we’re headed home! It’s been such an amazing experience, if stressful and exhausting at times. Between the museums/sites we could access with our museum pass and places we knew we wanted to visit, we’d checked… Continue Reading →


day 27 – vingt-sept Versailles! Well, we wanted to leave by 9, but didn’t get out of bed until after 8… So we started off the day an hour behind schedule. We’d planned to swing by the patisserie and grab quiches again but it was closed! 😦 It might have been a good thing though… Continue Reading →

Paris to Home

day twenty eight! Last night was ridiculous. In the process of trying to figure out what items we wanted in which bag (carry-on vs checked, soft vs hard shell) I started wondering if we could somehow squeeze everything into our original two bags and not have to check anything. I LOVE puzzles so this was… Continue Reading →

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